APISERUM Royal Jelly Line


Royale Jelly

The incomparable qualities of the organic complex of Royale Jelly which contains, in addition to the life supporting amino acids, albumen, carbohydrates, trace elements and enzymes.  A complex of  Vitamins in combination with plant extracts, like; horse chestnut, rose extract, witch hazel, orange flower, algae extract and many other biologically active substances that have a vitalizing effect on the skin’s cell tissue and its deeper layers.

With this combination of biologically active substances, for different regenerative treatments, the skin is once again brought into physiological balance, as is the skin’s microbiome.

Apiserum is

  • mature skin

  • dehydrated, sensitive skin

  • oily, large pored skin

Apiserum is an innovative natural anti-aging line. It is a special care treatment for mature, dehydrated, sensitive, impure, problem skin and dilated capillaries.

Apiserum  Full Range of Home Care Products:

Cleanser, Lotion Tonics, Night  & Day Cremes, Eye Balm, Anti-wrinkle Oil, Masks,

 Instant & Drinking Ampoules






Apiserum Professional:

Massage Creme & Oil,  Royal Jelly Ampoules for Normal, Dry &  Oily Skin, Firming  + Masks





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