OMEGA-Light Therapy

OMEGA Light:   also known as Chromo, or Low Level LED Light therapy, or Photo-therapy uses the individual colours of the Light Spectrum to treat various beauty problems.

Light is a radiant energy that travels  through space in the form of electromagnetic waves that vary in dimension, intensity and frequency.

Each Colour of the Spectrum travels at a different speed and depth penetration. Thereby each colour used, depending on their wavelength, will exercise a different action to obtain a result of an individual problem.

 OMEGA Light – LLLTherapy  unitdelivers the various colours at the same speed and depth penetration as those of the natural spectrum colours; delivered by the use of fiber-optics.

These treatments are safe, non-invasive, painless and have no downtime, or limit to the frequency of treatment sessions.

Since ancient times, colours have been used to heal various ailments. Several world doctors and scientific academia have published reports, studies and test results that been obtained by using Cromo-therapy on a large number of pathology’s.

Nowadays this “SCIENCE ” is used in both Aesthetics and Alternative Medicine to treat Face and Body problems and non-pathological stress.


OMEGA LIGHT is a  “user  friendly” portable unit which contains 7 colours + 2 automatic programs which all together allows  a choice of a large number of  “Customized” treatment sequences.



Let There Be Light-Part 1


Let There Be Light -Part 2

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