Revita Acnex


produkt3_obenRevita ACNEXare produced with a complex of natural acids that work in a biological way for all types of Acne – anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and corrective.

The preparations cause no side effects and give fantastic results.


In the case of inflammatory skin irritations such as, insect bites and minor burns, treat the affected skin with Revita ACNEX Propolis Gel  for as long as the irritation lasts.


945103_revita_acne_day_care-1 Featuring ACNEX  bb Day Cream:

an optimum antibacterial and cell regenerating  day care for Acne prone skin with a gentle tint.

The skin receives maximum protection. Infections are inhibited.

The moisture content of the skin is optimally balanced.

The slight tint gives the complexion a fresh, radiant appearance.

17984-20-30Professional treatments are of Utmost Importance, supported by Daily Home Care use, to gradually destroy the Acne causing bacteria, which prefers to develop in alkaline surroundings, thereby creating a more balanced environment which inhibits this bacterial development.

A full line of Professional &  Home Care products are available


For Congested Skin: Revita Cinara Detox

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