Revita Cinara Detox

Revita CINARA DETOX  Series ; is based on artichoke extract ( Cynara Skolymus ) These preparations are highly effective for the treatment of impure and congested skins – often misdiagnosed as Acne.

Extensive clinical tests have shown that after five weeks of intensive application, it was observed that the skin’s colour and texture had improved, and the number of impurities had declined. By means of seborrhea- graphic tests, a normalization of the sebaceous gland secretion was also determined in the case of oily, as well as dry skin.

Additional research in the USA has discovered that silymarin, one of the compounds found in artichokes, can give additional protection against damaging ultraviolet B (UVB ) radiation when applied to the skin.

Artichoke extracts have been used traditionally as a “folk medicine” in certain regions of Italy for many centuries. Used not only to beautify the skin, but also to heal many irritations by reducing inflammation, and aiding in detoxification.

Revita Cinara BEAUTY COCKTAIL stimulates metabolism and helps in weight loss.

Artichoke stimulates bile and liver and helps to purify the body and to reduce cholesterol.

The skin appearance is regulated from the inside.

Revita Cinara Beauty COCKTAIL is a personalized beauty treatment…………….Artichoke balance beauty article_english




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