Revita Collagen + Elastin

produkt3_untenRevita COLLAGEN +ELASTIN preparations contain soluble Collagen & Elastin and are especially recommended to maintain elasticity and hydration of skin tissue.

These products supply vital soluble Collagen to the connective tissue thereby creating a smooth and refined skin texture.

The active ingredients are Lipid Complexes and extract of Seven specially selected Marine Algae. Because of these physiological skin boosting and moisture retaining substances, it is eminently suitable for slackened tissues, especially in cases of atrophied skin



941108_revita_ce_liposome_gelCOLLAGEN + ELASTIN  Liposome Gel

Delivers Soluble Collagen to the deeper Skin layers & Activates the connective tissue cells

Revita C+E Day Emulsion

Collagen + Elastin. For dehydrated skin, Proactively for Young skin

941105_revita_ce_reconstituent-1Revita  C+E Reconstituent Emulsion;

Rich emulsion with a high 12% of Collagen and Elastin. Build optimum moisture in atrophic & dehydrated skin





941211_revita_ce_reconstituent_ampoulesRevita C+E Reconstituent Ampoules

Emulsion Ampoules with Sea Weed Extract + Sea Salt

For the atrophic, demineralized & dehydrated skin

941210_revita_ce_hydration_ampoulesRevita C+E Collagen Ultra Ampoules

Collagen, Rose Blossom water, & Fruit Acids

An intensive concentrate of unique active biological substances that will tighten the tissue and give vitality and elasticity.


Revita C+E Hydration Ampoules

Collagen, Royal Jelly, Protein Complex + Roseflower oil

Anti-wrinkle, Anti-aging with the highest standard. Proactively, also for Young skin

940206_l_ba_hydration_maskRevita Hydration Mask

Urea & Orange blossom water

Optimal moisture building, May also be used for massage, under steam


 For Sensitive Skin:   ReVITA Rutin Azulen

ReVITA Vlies Mask

Anti ” Wrinkle”  & Anti-Aging HYDASE ULTRA

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