Revita Peeling Mask

ReVita PEELING MASK: is the original world renowned ” Enzyme Mask ” used professionally in facial preparation world wide. Known for it’s effective, gentle method of exfoliation of the superficial dead skin cells, which leaves the skin, smooth, clean and fresh, without damaging the living epidermis cells.

 This ENZYME skin “ peeling “ takes into account the physiological condition of the skin, and the revitalizing effect becomes clearly apparent. The use of the ReVita PEELING MASK, in combination with special treatments, is highly recommended to be used before each regenerating (anti-aging), facial treatment.

Exceptionally valuable when preparing the skin for professional deep cleansing, in the case of the removal of impurities. It is non-abrasive and non-drying and makes the extraction process very easy and effective.





For Deep Moisturization: Revita Hydase Ultra

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