• 100% Natural and therefore a healthy alternative
  • Quick and safe
  • Gives a golden cinnamon tone without exposure to harmful UV sun rays
  • Ideal for special occasions
  • Complements, or deepens existing tan
  • Not sticky and applies evenly
  • Tan disappears naturally and gradually with the renewal of the skin
  • Price is affordable
  • Odour free
  • DHA is water-soluble will easily was out of cotton clothing

 Compared to “BOOTH” tanning, the personalized application of SOLNOVAX DHA misting allows maximum control and precision. Some body parts, such as: hands and palms should not be sprayed excessivly and others areas with folds,such as: knees, elbows require a lighter misting.  In booths with DHA “Showering Systems”  it is not possible to control these factors and stains and over-pigment are frequent.

In addition a manual misting allows Salon technicians to offer a wider variety of treatments – not only full-body tanning sessions, but also selective tanning sessions: Face, Torso, Legs etc.

 The secret of Corpora’s absolutely natural and personal tan tone lies in their lotions, which are an exclusive formula developed after years of research, that offer a 100% guarantee of achieving a uniform, healthy and moisturized tan.  Other lotions combine make-up and DHA and are therefore stickier, they do not dry evenly, staining fabrics and often traces on the skin.

Corpora’s  SOLNOVAX  SYSTEM  has been designed specifically for DHA Sunless Tanning with an exclusive proprietary technology. It incorporates high volume and low density misting turbines, wide-angle spray guns and a hot-air drying system which together, with Corpora lotions provide very quick and pleasant sessions, as well as a natural and lasting tan.


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