More than just Cosmetic

The APISERUM-REVITA DR.NOBIS Skin Care Lines: Established in 1952

The first company to introduce the concept of using Royal Jelly based products, to the beauty industry.


APISERUM: first line of Skin Care Products, in the sense of biological cosmetics, are synonymous with Holistic Beauty Care. This biologically effective beauty product line, made from the active substance produced by the bees; Royal Jelly, in it’s purest form, acts as a repair substance for the skin cells. Helping to protect the skin from environmental influences, such as “ free radical “ damage, which denatures the skin’ natural collagen and elastin, a major cause of wrinkles, and can also lead to discoloration, brittle and devitalized skin. APISERUM’s treatment line: available for the professional clinic, and home care use, can be used on all skin types, mature, dehydrated, sensitive, dilated capilliaries, impure and problem skins, to all achieve a prefect balance. In keeping with Holistic treatment APISERUM is also available in “Drinking” Ampoules, recommended as a supplement 4 times a year., for “Beauty From Within”


ReVITA: line of Skin Care Products based on biological, physological and phyto-elments are broken into different series of products, designed to treat various imbalances, and/or imperfections of the Skin. They are effective , yet gentle on the skin, thereby preserving the natural balance.  ReVITA series are known as: BASICSCINARA,  RUTIN+AZULEN,  COLLAGEN+ELASTIN,  ALPHA   ACNEX   and  BODY CARE.


BIOSbee Line of Skin care Products are a unique formulation of all elements produced by the BEE’s: Honey, Pollen, Royal Jelly, Propolis, & bee’s wax. Dr. Nobis’s BIOSbee formulation designed to treat devitalized and/or menopausal skins.

The company developed and owns the technology of removing the protoglycons of these elements, a safe guard against allergic reactions.