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  OLWEN’S NOTE: Those of you that have known me for many years also know that I was instrumental in launching the very 1st Hyaluronic Acid based, anti-aging Skin Care product in Canada, USA, Sweden & Denmark called; ‘Visible Youth’ ™ aka “Time in a Bottle”, prior to the founding of  VITAL Beauty Products Inc.   […]

Did You Know that CAVIAR has a Structure Very Similar to Human Skin ? It also contains Protein, Amino Acids and Lipids   What happens when you apply some CAVIAR Extract to Your Skin………. It’s immediately Absorbed and Delivers the Nutrients directly to the Cellular Level. The Skin Looks Smooth Re-Textured and has a Healthy […]

                                                          CAVIAR of Switzerland Infuse Your Skin with the Luxury of CAVIAR & Rejuvenate with essential nutrients for Unparalleled Radiance; See more…….

What is the COOLING Face Mask Pharmann  COOLING Face MASK  is an Anti-aging, Ultra-moisturizing  Treatment that Revitalizes the skin’s cellular structure and vitality. COOLING Face MASK is made from the ultimate generation of bio-synthesized fiber, a thin fabric that forms to the Face like a second  skin.  MAIN CHARACTERISTICS: DEDICATED TO: For use after Dermatological, […]

Canada’s Skin Care Icon Olwen has 40 + years experience in the beauty industry. She took her training as a Health and Beauty Therapist in London, England and is the recipient of a VAI International Health & Beauty Specialist Diploma; a lifetime member of the Society of Health and Beauty Therapists, (MSBTh) and Member of  […]

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