Laboratoire du Peptide™ Anti-aging Series

Come out of the shadows and be beautiful at every age

The technologically advanced anti-aging cosmeceuticals of the Laboratoire du Peptide™ series contain safe bio-metric peptides identical in effect to the natural peptides produced in the body.  The level of natural peptides in our skin declines with age and their proper synthesis can deteriorate, therefore metabolic and repair processes controlled by peptides tend to weaken, or might be disrupted.  Consequently, this leads to age-related changes associated with visible signs of aging.

This Series of products;


  Moisturizing Micellar Ulotka_skladana_2018_2 Cleanser

Face Serum w/ “botox- like” peptides

Eye Serum  w/anti-wrinkle  peptides

Night Cream w/Collagen Boost peptides

Laboratoire du Peptide ™

  • Wrinkles around the Eyes are minimized & less Visible
  • All types of wrinkles &  face discolorations become reduced &  less visible
  • Increased production of Collagen
  • Leaves Facial Skin Firm, Elastic & Taut
  • Wrinkles are visibly smoothed out
  • Facial Skin becomes Cleansed, Moisturized Fresh & Soft to the touch

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