ReVITA Vlies MAsk


ReVITA  Vlies Masks with Highly Purified and  Biologically active Collagen

A modern concept that produces visible effects. It’s  a network of native Collagen fibrers, a velvety bio-matrix that resembles the human skin structure and has the following features and benefits:

  • ReVITA Vlies Masks are both effective and well tolerated.
  • Highly concentrated  active ingredients – close to 100% Collagen
  • Completely preservative and fragrance free
  • Intensive hydration – due to High water binding capacity
  • Noticeable firming and smoothness
  • Fine lines and wrinkles significantly reduced
  • Immediate soothing of irritated skin
  • Supports Skins regenerative capacity

A special freeze-drying process ensures the preservation of the Collagen’s original characteristics and natural Biological activity

ReVITA Vlies Masks are available in Four formulas:

  • COLLAGEN PURE:   Hydrating
  • COLLAGEN + CAVIAR:  Anti-aging, Protein enriched, Firming
  • COLLAGEN + HIBISCUS Anti-wrinkle, Anti-Inflammatory, Immediate soothing of Sensitive & Irritated Skin
  • COLLAGEN + VITAMIN C Skin brightening, Hyperpigmented, Sun damaged &  Smokers Skin.
  • COLLAGEN + ALOE VERA:  Moisturizing

For Professional use combined with the appropriate ReVITA,  or  Apiserum  Ampoule and Lotion



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