Aesthetic Cosmetics




Modern neurocosmetic dedicated to use after laser therapy & other dermatological procedures


   Cooling Face Mask

  • After dermatological cosmetic procedures
  • Stimulates healing & regeneration of irritated skin
  • Cools, minimizes discomfort
  • Immediate soothing effect
  • Protects Skin against free radical damage
  • Improves Skin’s elasticity tightness & tone
  • Improves Skin’s lipid barrier

Arnizen ™  Cream -Gel

  • After dermatological injections
  • Absorption of bruises
  • Reduces, redness, swelling, oedemas & pain
  •  Fast relief, increase healing, shortens recovery  time.







Laserat ™  Cream

  • After Laser therapy  &  dermatological procedures
  • Quick Recovery  &  Best post- treatment  protection
  • Reduces redness, burning sensation, swelling, pain, itching & over-sensitivity
  • Soothes irritated skin.
  • Highly innovative active ingredients
  • Neuropeptide; inhibits activity of major neurogenic inflammation (e.g Substance P)

Meso-Arnizen™ Cream -Gel

  • After Meso-therapy procedures
  • Inhibits major neurogenic inflammation
  • Quickly soothes & relieves subjected areas
  • Fully minimizes recovery time & patient  discomfort
  • Easy spreadable application




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