Revita Rutin Azulen


Revita RUTIN + AZULEN  Series:

These two effective factors RUTIN + AZULEN play an important role in the treatment of very sensitive skin, and teleangiectasis (Rosacea), and dilated capillaries.

Rutin, also known as Vitamin P, is a very effective substance used to cosmetically treat and reduce the dilation of these weakened capillaries, and red blotches.

The genuine natural AZULEN extracted from Roman Camomile is an exceptional substance, because of it’s general healing and anti-inflammatory qualities.

It is widely used in Beauty Therapy and is especially suitable for the care of super-sensitive skin. AZULEN also alleviates irritations of the skin which can be caused by scents and volatile oils.

Combined, these two factors: RUTIN +AZULEN create an exceptional range of treatment preparations for Ultra Sensitive and Rosacea Prone Skins.

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Available for PROFESSIONAL and HOME CARE use

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