Those of you that have known me for many years also know that I was instrumental in launching the very 1st Hyaluronic Acid based Skin Care product in Canada, USA, Sweden & Denmark called; ‘Visible Youth’ ™  Prior, due to my extensive experience in health and beauty, I understood the function of HA and its importance in the use of Skin Care, and as very few knew about it in the realms of the skin care industry at that time, hence I was appointed the Marketing Director with, Biopolymers/ Sterivet Laboratories / Hyal Pharmaceutical Corp., and I set out to train the Spa professionals in the importance of its use.

Visible Youth™ was the successful forerunner HA Anti-aging product which influenced to what has now become the ‘Holy Grail’ of Skin Care moisturization, and anti-aging, of which we now know far more about.

I’m proud to be part of that legacy, and to continue to offer this most precious substance in many of the products that I now represent through my own company; VITAL Beauty Products Inc. Est. 1993, and to continue working with dedicated professionals in health and beauty care, from coast to coast.



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