What is the Nanocell Mask

PLATINUM ® GINSENO NANOCELL MASK  is an Anti-aging, Ultra-moisturizing and Firming Treatment that Revitalizes the skin’s cellular structure and vitality.

PLATINUM ® GINSENO NANOCELL MASK is made form the ultimate generation of bio-synthesized Nano fibres, 80-100 nano meter fiber size, which is the thinnest fabric ever developed for a mask.

PLATINUM is known in the medical field for it’s stability against acids and alkaloids and it;s remarkable ant-oxidant properties


  • Retains  water up to 200 times  it’s dry weight
  • The Mask is comprised of many active ingredients: Platinum®, Ginsenoside, Aquaxyl™, Cellactor® Y Pentavitin R®
  • Creates a physical barrier,  enabling the penetration of the active ingredients
  • Highly porous material with pore sizes, ranging from nano to micro meters
  • Similar to the skin’s Proteic structure
  • High medicinal strength and conformity
  • High elasticity due to it’s micro-net structure


We recommend 4 Treatment session, once per week for a month as an Anti-aging and Firming treatment. Follow-up treatments according the the needs of the skin ( age, life stye habits  etc…)


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