Revita ALPHA Line


ReVita ALPHA products are perfectly suited for the treatment of Atrophic, Dehydrated, Oily, Pigmented skin as well as Scar tissue.

The unique ALPHA HYDROXY (AH) complex allows sustainable achievements in anti-aging treatment.  ALPHA  preparations contain 8%  Fruit acids.  AH acids revitalize the deep skin layers.  Skin irregularities are compensated and the moisture absorption increases.  Treatments with fruit acids have an important role in cosmetics.  The sustained success of treatment with Revita ALPHA is associated with an accelerated cell renewal with a light keratolytic effect.  The moisture balance is regulated and the skin regains its elasticity.  It becomes smooth and supple.


Alpha Brochure

942102_revita_alpha_emulsionReVita ALPHA EMULSION 

Soy, Shea butter, Fruit acid complex

Helps the skin to regenerate from within. The result is, regained firmness and elasticity.





942103_revita_alpha_creamReVita ALPHA CREAM

Squalane, Beeswax, Shea butter, Fruit acid complex

 An intensive facial night.To be used for the atrophic, dehydrated, greasy or scarred skin.

The unique alpha hydroxy (AH) complex makes ReVita ALPHA CREAM to anti aging skin care.


942101_revita_alpha_lotionReVita ALPHA LOTION

8% fruit acid complex






For ” Wrinkle” Prevention HYDASE ULTRA

PROFESSIONAL : ReVITA Alpha 15% Fruit  Acid




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