New logo2is a swab test specifically designed to uncover your Skin’s predetermined weakness’ and strengths based in your personal DNA, encoded at birth.  Since the skin is the body’s largest organ, it reacts  internally and externally.  It is influenced by adverse changes and reflects how well, by degree’s, we are able to tolerate the process’ of environmental changes, particularly premature aging, and how our “encoded” mechanisms react, tolerate and repair.

 SkinDNA™ is not a test designed to reveal who your parents, or ancestors are.  The analysis of the swab taken only reads those genomes, or 16 DNA sequences of genes known as SNP’s  (Singlet Nucleotide Polymorphisms), codes that are related to  pre-dispositions that reveal how, and why your Skin reacts to the processes of environmental changes, age  and chemical reactions.

SkinDNA™ Genetic Test goes  beyond the skin’s  surface. The test results can be a very valuable first line defence tool, when knowing, not only what nutrients are working in your favour, both oral and topical, but also what additional nutrients you should introduce to improve the skin’s health, or prevent any possible further deterioration.

SkinDNA™ Genetic Test is not designed to diagnose, or cure any disease and is not a replacement for any medical attention, or medication.   Genetic scientific medicine predicts, that in the not so distant future, there will be other types of DNA tests available, in medical practices and medical facilities, that will be used to diagnose and treat diseases……

SkinDNA™ Genetic Test is not for this,  but what it can do is save you much wasted time, money, and frustration buying Skin Care products, or Vitamin Supplements that you’ll know, by your test results, may not  necessarily be of prime importance in working for you……

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